Basil’s is many things to many people. It’s an exclusive party place for rich and famous extroverts (Mick Jagger and Johnny Depp) and introverts (William and Kate), the buzzing night life hub for residents of Mustique and passing yachters, and the lasting legacy of a true Caribbean legend. But this review will concentrate on the attributes of Basil’s as a beach bar.

And, in so many ways, Basil’s is one hell of a beach bar. The location is stunning, the (recently renovated) layout is stylish, fun and functional, with plenty of space on the large comfortable deck, and the staff are friendly and helpful. The drink selection is extensive, and the food is good to great. But don’t expect bargain prices from a place whose regular clientele includes multi-millionaires, rock stars and the future kings of England. And please don’t expect to rub elbows over a cold one with HRH at the beautiful wooden bar.

Basil’s takes some effort (and/or financial resources) to get to, so if you do visit, take some time to soak it in. There’s 40 plus years of juicy stories in those (mostly replaced) wooden bones.

And, that view from the deck, with a cool drink in your hand…

What will you have?

Beer:  Hairoun, Carib, Heineken, Corona, plus an intriguing line of beers from Mustique’s own 32 Islands Brewery. Haven’t tried these yet. Need some excuse to go back.

Rum/Cocktails: A good selection of rums and spirits including, as you’d expect, some top of the line stuff like El Dorado 21 and Johnny Walker Blue. Plus, a lineup of creative (read potent) cocktails.

Food: Probably one of the most extensive menus you’ll ever see in a beach bar. An islandy-Italian mix with several vegetarian options. In fact, they have a separate vegetarian menu. Great appetizers.


Basil (Charles) no longer owns his namesake bar, though you’ll still likely see him around. His story is a fascinating one, worth tracking down. It’s now owned by The Mustique Company (which kind of owns the whole island) who, not surprisingly, take a bit more ‘businesslike’ approach to some things than Basil did.


The best thing to say about Basil’s is that a visit there will never be less than memorable. Personally, I think you’d have to be pretty jaded not to be impressed.

IC 2019