Technically, this is the small bar attached to the hotel’s fine dining Bagatelle restaurant, but it’s virtually on the beach and has enough, albeit, compact charm to qualify. It consists of funky bamboo and dark wood bar with stools and a few comfy chairs scattered around. Soundtrack is a mix of gentle reggae and smooth lounge music. It is small though and gets full quickly at lunch time and pre- dinner. A few steps will take you to the hotel’s excellent white sand beach. Clientele is almost exclusively hotel guests or visiting diners – a bit more well-heeled than your typical beach-side joint. And, of course, the prices reflect that. The hotel regularly books entertainment in the evenings, so it’s a nice place to relax and listen to the show.

What will you have?

Beers: Pretty much everything that’s available on the island (not a huge variety due to limited import capacity). Hairoun is the default.

Cocktails: Creative and well made. They do an excellent local variation on the Dark and Stormy. Good stock of top shelf brands, including more single malts than usually found on Bequia – admittedly, not a high bar to reach.

Food: Having access to Bagatelle’s kitchen, this bar serves some excellent food. A class above the typical beach bar. You can order from the restaurant or the special bar menu.


Not a place you are likely to wander into accidentally, as it’s mainly accessible from the hotel, which is quite attractive, in its own right, and sits on lovely Friendship Beach. Owned by the same group that runs Jack’s Beach Bar on Princess Margaret Beach.


It has a distinct and attractive retro look – like something from a 1950s movie. A great place to rock your Panama hat.

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