Chrishi Beach Club wouldn’t look out of place on St Barth’s St. Jean Beach. It’s a cool looking establishment, all pristine whites and brilliant blues – airy and comfortable, with funky lounge music playing at an unobtrusive volume. It has a distinct Euro feel, perhaps partly due to its Norwegian owners. Yet, despite the chilled hipster vibe, Chrishi – like most things on Nevis – is totally without pretensions.

Set on a lovely stretch of sand, it’s a great place to kill some time with a drink and/or meal. I particularly like the fact that you can get a tasty light lunch – not an easy thing to find on the island. 

There are tables under the roof and comfortable sofas outside, along with loungers and deck chairs for the use of guests who might want to break for a quick dip.  

What will you have?

Beer: Carib, Stag, Skol, Corona and a couple of others

Rum/Cocktails: No shortage of top shelf brands. Definitely a Grey Goose kind of place. Also, a better wine selection than your typical beach bar – including properly chilled champagne.

Food: A surprisingly varied menu for a place this size, ranging from light lunches (tuna tartare, prosciutto & brie baguette) to creative mains (seafood linguine, salad niçoise). 


This place is popular for private group events, so you may want to check before making a special trip.


A charmingly cultured beach bar.

IC 2019