The first thing Elvis and business partner Brett did to prepare for 2017’s Hurricane Irma was to move the actual bar from its regular location at the far end of the beach on Sandy Ground to a safe place so it wouldn’t float away in the expected storm surge. A wise move, considering the bar is actually a salvaged Class C Anguillan racing boat.

For quite a while the boat-bar, a few rickety stools and a drinks cooler pretty much was Elvis’ Beach Bar. These days there’s another bar, a large covered area, dining tables, chairs and a more than capable kitchen. But the funky-cool vibe hasn’t changed a bit. The two principals are always super friendly and fun, and the feeling is infectious among the rest of the staff and customers – old and new. That, plus hearty Tex-Mex themed food, cold beer and a serious rum punch make Elvis’ a constant crowd pleaser on Anguilla.

This bar is a regular presence on ‘top ten’ and ‘reader’s choice’ lists and a bit of a night-life hub in season with regular live music. Throw in its location on a lovely stretch of beach steps away from a cooling dip plus Elvis’ killer personal playlist and you have a pretty limin’ little place.

What will you have?

Beer:  Heineken is the cheapest brew here, with Carib, Corona, Presidente, Coors Light and Red Stripe a small step up. Guinness and the new AXA make up the ‘premium’ list.

Rum/Cocktails: A fair selection of rums (but nothing really of sipping quality) and strong tropical cocktails. Many consider the signature Elvis’s Rum Punch, based on rum and Amaretto, a contender for the island’s best. They are also heavy on the Margaritas to match the food, with a couple of good tequilas on the shelf.

Food: The menu features Tex-Mex favs, including nachos, quesadillas, tacos, burritos, etc. If you are feeling islandy, you can go for Elvis’ Special Taco with local fresh fish, shrimp or jerk goat.


Elvis’ took quite a bit of damage from Irma, but has recovered remarkably and is fully operational, sadly unlike many of its neighbours on Sandy Ground (at time of writing).


Elvis’ Beach Bar is bit of a legend on the island, essentially being built into what it is today from a $200US investment (the aforementioned boat). But it never takes itself too seriously, which just adds to its already considerable charm.

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