Jack’s is the first thing you see when you reach Princess Margaret Beach after the trek over the hill from the well-worn Belmont Walkway in Port Elizabeth. And it stands out, especially for Bequia. Recently reopened, it’s built-in layers into the hillside, reminiscent of a mini version of the iconic DO Brazil on St. Bart’s Shell Beach. And that’s the vibe they are going for, with a side of Bequia pragmatism thrown in. It’s the place to be on PM Beach and that’s reflected in the prices, compared to the local competition that is (essentially fisherman and friends renting deck chairs and selling 2 beers for $5 US).

Seating is comfortable, the service friendly and efficient, and the scenery to die for. And nobody objects if you briefly leave your table for a quick dip. Can get busy – a bit of a magnet for cruise ship passengers from the upscale lines.

What will you have?

A more varied menu and drink list than the typical Bequia bar.

Beers: Hairoun, Heineken, Carib, Presidente, Corona, plus.

Cocktails: A good selection, with a few signature ones, including the secret recipe Gibbons Rum Punch (the beach Jack’s is located on used to be called Tony Gibbons Beach until Princess Margaret took a dip there). Didn’t have one, but it looked intriguing. They stock a few decent rums, with the excellent El Dorado 15 at the top, but no spiced rum (boo!). You’ll find a nice selection of premium spirits: Grey Goose, Tanqueray, Patron and the like.

Food: Quite a varied and creative menu. Nice appetizer selection, including a delicious okra tempura and salt and pepper calamari.


The walk along the Belmont Walkway and over the hill from town is relatively short but can be a bit of a challenge, although it has been “rebuilt” in parts. Mind you there are a few charming places for a beverage break along the way located right on the Walkway (I recommend the delightfully quirky Whaleboner). Taking a taxi (regular or water) from town is a fast, cheap alternative.


For Bequia it’s big and bold – which means not too big or too bold for a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable time.

IC 2019