I have to admit that I am a sucker for places like LaZy Days. After all, they have all the elements you really need: a great stretch of beach and a bar – as basic as it is – selling cold beer, strong rum drinks and a few classic island cocktails for the fussy.

Throw in some blissful shade, basic seating, a decent BBQ, and funky, old-school reggae and island music on the sound system and what more could you ask for? Not much I hope, because you won’t get it.  But what they do offer is provided in a cheery, friendly way. You will feel  welcomed by the staff, local customers like the taxi drivers and similar who stop off there for a break  (but are strictly off the clock and won’t try to hustle you) and by fellow low-maintenance tourists who appreciate the chill of the place.

The bar itself sits back on a nice stretch of beach. They also rent beach chairs at good prices.

What will you have?

Beer:  The Grenada standards: Carib and Stag at great prices, plus Heineken and, if I recall correctly, Corona and Presidente.

Rum/Cocktails: A small lineup of light, amber and dark rums from the island’s two largest distillers, Clarke’s Court and Westerhall, with a couple of CC’s flavoured rums. Nothing really of sipping quality here. A good, solid rum punch and similar cocktail fare is also on the menu.

Food: Burgers, BBQ chicken, ribs and local catch, with simple sides. Big and flavourful.


Very much a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of place. Its low-key vibe is a definite part of its appeal.  But it’s so low-key that contact info is hard to find. But if you walk by, give it a shot.


Grand Anse has a slew of good beach bars, from hip yachtie drinking spots to lively entertainment hubs (Umbrellas is worth checking out). LaZy Days provides a simple, cheap and cheerful alternative. Great for just sitting back and people watching.

IC 2020