Even though it sits a bit further back on Pinney’s Beach, Lime is hard to miss. If the bright green colour doesn’t give it away, its roof top deck will. And Lime shouldn’t be missed. It has a warm, welcoming vibe. In the main restaurant, the first thing we were given, even before the menu, was a cool, wet towel infused with mint – a lovely touch. 

Service is warm and friendly, and you are encouraged to enjoy the experience at your own pace. And they play a good mix of music. They were spinning some silky 70’s R&B when we were there (the Chi-lites anyone?). Seating is comfortable, with a mixture of tables and small booths. The rooftop patio is a nice feature, allowing guests to gaze out over the beach while sipping on their drinks – but bring a good hat, and plenty of sunscreen. The ‘Beach Club’ section is a relatively new addition, featuring cabanas and beach chairs laid out in a prime location on the sand closer to the water.  It’s almost a stand alone operation, with its own funky little bar – a great place to pull up a stool and watch the comings and going’s on Pinney’s Beach

What will you have?

Beers: Emphasis on Carib and Stag, with Skol, Heineken and Guinness Stout. Buckets of beer are a big seller at the Beach Club.

Rums & Cocktails: Well stocked bars with good prices – on both house and premium brands. Their ‘top shelf’ collection is actually quite good.

Food: Burgers, ribs, veggie wraps, fresh fish, shrimp, lobster, etc., all well done and substantial.


The Beach Club section of Lime actively targets cruise ship and excursion business from neighbouring St. Kitts. As such, the cabanas and chairs are often reserved for these groups.


From the cheery bar staff on, the Lime is a welcoming place. You can choose between the bustling Beach Club and the more laid-back main restaurant, depending on your mood.

IC 2019