We visited Tippy’s Restaurant & Beach Bar after what we were told was an extensive revamp following its reopening in 2018.  So, I can’t speak to what it was like before. But if it had its loyal fans back then, it’s sure to add many more now, us included.

Located at the end of a winding road about a 10-minute drive from the capital of Governor’s Harbour, Tippy’s sits back on a lovely curve of beach, stretching in both directions. The layout is open and inviting with a breezy covered section and ample patio space.

For me, the perfect place to sit is at the bar gazing across at the ocean, over an impressive drink line-up, passing the time of day with the island-famous ‘singing bartender’ Elliott Rolle (now a partner) or another member of the friendly staff.

The décor is bright, colourful and whimsical (just check out the art on the washroom doors).

The vibe when we were there (for lunch) was totally chill. There was a good mix of tunes playing, from Bob Marley, to Lionel Ritchie, to one of my favs – Lucky Dube – with ample contributions from Elliott along the way.

We happily spent the rest of the afternoon there, interrupted only by a stroll on the beach.

What will you have?

Beer:  A much better selection than usual in a beach bar. Bahamian staples, Kalik and Sands (temporally absent due to supply difficulties following Hurricane Dorian), plus Corona, High Rock, Bud Light and a few others.

Rum/Cocktails: OK, so this is one serious bar. Tippy’s carries premium brands across the spirit spectrum, highlighted by a selection of sipping rums that included Ron Matusalem 18 and Zapaca  23. There’s also a creative list of some 25 cocktails.

Food: Food is another thing Tippy’s takes seriously. The lunch menu board when we were there boasted an impressive 25 items, with a focus on fresh seafood. And if that wasn’t enough, there was a separate pizza menu.


Unless you are staying at one of the adjacent properties on French Leave Beach, Tippy’s is a bit out of the way.


Having said that, don’t let it stop you from dropping in. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

IC 2020