Mere steps away from its more famous and considerably older neighbour, Sunshine’s, Turtle Time is anything but a “me too” place. It’s less busy and a bit more chilled, with its own charm. It’s a relatively small, but bright and airy place with comfortable seating around the bar or on the surrounding deck. 

What makes TT stand out is its menu. The place shares ownership with a couple of restaurants on the island (including Indian and Mexican), and its reflected in the menu. Definitely above and beyond the usual beach bar staples. A small boutique with a funky collection of clothing and jewelry, etc. completes the pretty picture.

What will you have?

Beers: As you’d expect for Nevis – Carib, Stag, Skol, Corona, Heineken.

Rum & Cocktails: Local and import rums, topped off by Ron Zacapa 23. Good selection of spirits, including top shelf vodkas and gins. The Tipsy Turtle is the signature rum punch – a pretty tasty one.

Food: More extensive than most, and of a high quality. Look for things like Thai curries, Bang Bang shrimp and lobster crostini made from fresh seafood in addition to the usual burgers, etc.


Every time we visit Pinney’s Beach, there are more (small) places popping up in the area. While its great for a beach bar crawl, I hope they don’t get carried away.


Despite its size, there’s plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the island breeze and an excellent meal.

IC 2019