One of the two beaches at The Cove Eleuthera

The immediate impression you get when arriving at The Cove Eleuthera is the sense of calm – from the greeting at reception to the tour of the grounds, taking in the full glory of the resort’s setting. And without a doubt, the best feature of the Cove Eleuthera is its setting.

But that’s not to say that the setting is its only great feature. With 55 rooms dotted throughout 40 acres of landscaped greenery and picturesque beaches, we felt a wonderful sense of privacy and peace.

The Cove Eleuthera offers a wide range of room categories to suit various budgets and situations. Rooms range from one, two and three bedroom suites and cottages to beachfront villas with full-on ocean views and beach access. We stayed in a Sanctuary Room which was smallish, but very comfortable and quiet, and at the lower end of the price range. The trade-off for the price was giving up some closet and storage space as well as ocean views.

The staff are delightful. Each person’s nametag included their home settlement on Eleuthera, and they proudly and happily shared their suggestions and tips on what to see on their island.

Dining is one area where The Cove Eleuthera excels.  Home to its own organic garden, the focus is on delicious, fresh and surprisingly creative cuisine to accommodate a wide range of dietary preferences. Full room service is also available. Dinner is enjoyed at the stylish Freedom Restaurant and Sushi Bar. The fact that it is on a small Bahamian island thousands of miles from Japan in no way detracts from the excellence of the sushi prepared at Freedom, enhanced, of course, by fresh seafood straight out of the ocean.  

For those of you who like to roll straight off the beach for lunch, the water-side Gregory Town Grill is open for lunch and offers full bar service most of the day. As we were not inclined to leave our beach loungers, lunch was served to us.

As for the beach, there are, in fact, two of them.  Both crescent shaped and pristine, with shallow water ideal for swimming. The larger of the two is also the busiest, while the smaller provides total peace and quiet, and frequently absolute solitude (at least during our stay.)

The beaches form two small coves on either side of a grassy point that ends in a dramatic coral promontory and is home to the Point Bar.

The Point Bar is the place to gather to watch the spectacular sunsets and enjoy a handcrafted cocktail. (Kirk is a particularly entertaining and efficient bartender – deceptively laid back but on top of everything, and a font of local knowledge and stories.)

In addition to a wide range of watersports offered onsite, The Cove Eleuthera also offers a small boutique, a spa and fitness facilities.

The visible and efficient concierge staff can arrange excursions to other parts of the island as well as helping with transportation and dining arrangements.

There isn’t much of a nightly ‘scene’ at the Cove, but that is pretty reflective of the island as a whole.

The resort itself is a bit isolated. As least as much as any property on Eleuthera can be. As such, a rental car is recommended if you want to explore the island (tours and taxis are also available through the concierge).

As difficult as it was to summon up the energy to leave the hotel grounds, it was definitely worth getting out and about in Eleuthera.

If you are considering renting a car, be advised that there aren’t any ‘traditional’ car rental agencies on the island.  As such, there are only a limited number of vehicles available for rent, so book in advance.

The infinity pool at The Cove Eleuthera


We found The Cove Eleuthera to be a charming upscale hideaway with a welcome aura of tranquility on the precious, unspoiled island of Eleuthera.

Editor’s Note: The Cove Eleuthera is poised for a major ‘reimagining’ and will close temporarily in the fall of 2020. It remains open throughout the summer and early fall. Check with the resort for specific dates.

The Point Bar is the perfect place for a sunset cocktail.

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