Have to admit upfront that Anguilla is one of our favourite places. A little off the beaten path by Caribbean standards (you can connect to its small airport from a number of Caribbean hubs or, like most visitors, hop a ferry or speedboat for the short ride from neighbouring St. Martin/Sint Maarten), Anguilla is a beach lover’s paradise.

There are no casinos, duty free shopping or bustling nightlife to speak of, just gorgeous, endless beaches, great restaurants, and a handful of (mainly high-end) resorts. Activities that don’t relate to the sea or sand are virtually non-existent. But that’s just fine for many. The island is flat, so its easy to navigate. The pace is slow and the people friendly and helpful. Oh, it also has some of the best beach bars on the planet.

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Photo: Shoal Bay is  just one of Anguilla’s stunning beaches

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