OK, so Bermuda is NOT in the Caribbean. It’s located in the North Atlantic, but climate and attitude wise, consider it a trip to the “islands”.  And if you’ve never been, or considered a visit to, this unique and well-mannered little nation, I suggest you do yourself a favour.

Bermuda has a charm and elegance all it’s own, with customs to match (for example, visitors can’t rent cars, so most get around on public buses or scooters).  There is much to appreciate on the island, from pink sand beaches, to a rich, fascinating history, to picturesque waterside towns. The capital, Hamilton, is quite lovely and there is a range of hotels and resorts to choose from. It may not be as bustling and tourist-centric as some other islands, but that’s part of its appeal.

Photo: An iconic Bermudian Moongate at the Hamilton Princess hotel.

IC 2021