Although technically one of the Grenadines chain of islands, Carriacou is actually part of Grenada, lying less than 50 km to the northeast of the main island. Accessible by small plane or ferry from Grenada, Carriacou is a small and charmingly unspoiled island with lovely beaches and friendly people.

If a place where nothing much happens, and it happens quite slowly, is your cup of tea, then this is the island for you. And I do not mean that at all in a bad way.  There is a lot to be said for Carriacou’s relaxed pace of life and guaranteed freedom from crowds of tourists.  It is the perfect place to rent a car and explore. The accommodation, dining and drinking choices are more than adequate – just don’t expect five-star luxury or butler service.

Photo: You’ll have no trouble finding a quiet spot on Carriacou’s aptly named Paradise Beach.

IC 2021