The Bahamas wants to set the record straight. They are very much open for business and welcoming visitors with the same crystal blue waters, pristine beaches and wide range of accommodations and amenities that they have long been famous for.

While the world knows that Hurricane Dorian hit the island nation badly in September, 2019, in reality it was only the northernmost part of  Bahamas that was impacted. A portion of  Grand Bahama sustained severe damage and, tragically, the Abacos were devastated. However, as Dionysius D’Aguilar, the Bahamian Minister of Tourism and Aviation, points out, the vast majority of the 700 islands and 2,500 cays that make up the Bahamas was virtually untouched. This includes popular destinations such as Nassau, Paradise Island, Bimini, Eleuthera and the Exumas.

Minister D’Aguilar recently lead a team of tourism stakeholders on a cross-Canada tour to emphasize that nobody should take the Bahamas off their list of potential holiday destinations.  “Approximately 90 per cent of our tourist infrastructure wasn’t impacted at all,” he noted, adding that even Grand Bahama has recovered remarkably.

And that infrastructure is vital to the Bahamas, not only in terms of current prosperity, but also in helping to rebuild the Abacos and supporting those affected by the hurricane. With almost two out of every three Bahamians working in the tourist sector, the message is clear. “The best way to help the Bahamas is to visit the Bahamas,” the Minister stated. “There is simply no better time to go the Bahamas than now,” he added. “You can certainly be sure of a warm welcome.”

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