It’s hard to drive by the Leorose Sunset Bar and Grill without being tempted to stop for at least a drink. After all, it sits between the island’s main road (Queens Highway) and the sparkling ocean on a lovely stretch of beach.

It offers the perfect image of a simple and appealing island beach bar. And that’s exactly what it delivers, though it is bigger than it first appears. The bar is open and breezy and there is an ample covered section with tables for dining. There are more tables scattered under the palm trees and palapas on the sand.

We sat at the bar, brightly painted in the Bahamian colours of blue and yellow, gazing past the bottles at the even brighter sea just beyond and sipping our rum and beer. A very pleasant experience.

And, as the name suggests, it’s a great place to catch a beautiful Eleuthera sunset.

What will you have?

Beer:  Judging by the prominent signage, this is a Sands place, but at the time of our visit, supply was still interrupted due to the damage to the brewery (located on Grand Bahama) sustained during Hurricane Dorian. So, Kalik was the go-to local brew, with a few of the more popular bottled beers in support.

Rum/Cocktails: A good selection of standards (Myers, Mount Gay, three Bacardis and multiple Ricardo flavoured), though light on anything of sipping quality. Also, a good choice of favourite island cocktails.  

Food: A strong island-centric menu, emphasizing the grill, with staples such as fresh fish, lobster, conch, chicken and burgers. Lighter items such as BLTs, club and ham and cheese sandwiches and fish tacos can also be found. I also hear that they will clean and cook your catch.


I understand it can get busy on ‘event’ nights, Also, it’s a roadside bar, so if you are driving by, please avoid the temptation to have a ‘few’ and get back behind the wheel.


A charming, laid-back place. By the way, the bar and its late owner hold a special place on the island and there is a very interesting background story. Track it down if you can.

IC 2020