“Hi, I’m Curtis. Welcome to my place,” said Curtis Malcolm, owner of Off The Hook Bar and Grill when we were walking on Paradise Beach one morning. We were day tripping from Grenada, so we had a few more stops planned on our self-guided island tour. But as soon as I saw Off The Hook, I was determined to come back. After visiting Tyrell Bay and some of the other bars on Paradise Beach, we came back and settled into a lovely afternoon, with Curtis keeping us well liquidated and entertained. It was as if we were his only customers. Which, we were, actually, for quite a while. But nothing changed when the bar got busier.

It’s a peaceful, friendly place running on island time with no pretentions. The brightly painted Muskoka chairs and picnic tables scattered along the bar’s beachfront made us feel at home. If you are hungry, you will find grilled faves: lobster, fish chicken. Weekly Wednesday evening barbeques feature live music and a bonfire on the beach. And for a small place, Off The Hook has more than its share of events.

What will you have?

Beer:  Think cold Caribs, Stag Lager,

Rum/Cocktails: A selection of local rum (led by Grenada’s own Clarke’s Court and the infamous Jack Iron) along with standards like Bacardi, Malibu and Myers. Basic mixed cocktails like rum and coke, rum punch, rum and Ting, soft drinks. Red and white wine are also on offer.

Food: Grilled local fare with emphasis on fresh fish and lobster. Accompanied by the house’s tasty spiced potatoes.


The Off The Hook water taxi will take you to Sandy Island for an even more secluded castaway beach experience.


A gem of a beach bar on a gem of an island.

NH 2019