Sea Breeze is the beach bar at the venerable Nisbet Plantation Beach Club. It’s a nicely designed, spacious and comfortable place. You can sit around the large bar under the canopy, or enjoy your drinks at a variety of tables, most with ample shade. 

It’s a welcoming place, and staff usually take the time to chat. The views are gorgeous and there is almost always a lovely breeze that gives the place its name. It’s home to a weekly BBQ (Thursdays, I think) that is a great time to meet tourists and ex-pats happy to offer tips on what to do (and not do) on the island.

What will you have?

Beer: Pretty much any brand available on the island, and one of the very few places on the island to offer beer on tap – a nicely chilled Carib.

Rum/Cocktails: A lengthy cocktail list and a full stock of premium rums (Meyers, El Dorado and Goslings, in addition to the local Brinley) and other spirits. Their list of vodkas alone was impressive. I noted  Grey Goose, Stoly, Belvedere, Ketel One, Finlandia and at least four flavoured Absoluts.


You can park near the reception and stroll down through Nisbet’s beautiful grounds or drive right down to the beach. If you are lucky on Sundays, you might get live music.


The view, breeze and staff alone make this worth a visit.

IC 2019